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It’s Official: Foodies, Cross-fitters and the Political-Obsessed Make More Attractive Partners!

What interests make a person more attractive to the opposite sex?

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Filling out a bio on a dating site is just plain awkward… 

Luckily, the folks at dating website eHarmony have released a list of what’s most likely to catch Aussie lover's eye.

More than 100,000 members and their interactions were analysed to uncover the hobbies that can have a significant impact on boosting a single’s chances of getting a date. 

According to the findings men with an interest in politics, travel, health, food and theatre are what really grabs the ladies attention – meanwhile men are after girls who are into personal growth, health and exercise, food, family and dancing.

The study also found that while it’s women who are more likely to list interests on their profile -  men who do receive 125% more communication than those who opt to remain elusive. 

What interests make men more attractive:

1. Politics

2. Travel

3. Health/exercise

4. Food

5. Theatre

6. Learning

7. Photography

8. Finding love

9. Charitable

10. Family

What interests make women more attractive:

1. Personal Growth

2. Health/Exercise

3. Food

4. Family

5. Dancing

6. Art

7. Photography

8. Friends

9. Outdoor interests

10. Work/career

So does this mean that you should start adding these interests to your online dating profile?

Uh, no....

“You may very well be enticed to someone who is interested in politics, travel or personal growth, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be well-suited in the long-term. The best advice is for men and women to be open and honest in their profiles. Whilst some interests may be seen as more “popular” than others, what really matters is genuine compatibility,” dating and relationship expert Melanie Schilling explained upon looking at the findings. 

Tags: Dating, Online Dating, Tinder, Food, Exercise

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