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Man Gets Lots Of Sex After Posting A Flyer 'Looking For A Girlfriend'

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A man who was feeling a bit lonely sent out thousands of leaflets in a bid to find love... and you won't believe how many times he got laid!

Sick and tired of the single life, 51-year-old actor and web designer Dan Perino began sending out 40,000 flyers last year, which included his picture, the headline ‘Looking for a Girlfriend’, and his number underneath on tear off strips.


The message reads: "I’m really looking for a girlfriend. This is not a joke. Just tired of the singles scene and hoping to meet the right person. I am a professional artist and creative person. You know who you are. To me, each and every person is beautiful. Open to the possibility of the relationship morphing into something more profound."

Since posting the adverts, Perino claims to have had sex with 118 women... was he keeping tally?!

The New York local says that so far he's received more than 8,000 phone calls asking for dates, with sometimes up to 200 or 300 calls a day!

Perino insists he's not picky but says his perfect woman is between the age of 25 and 37 because he's ready to start a family. 

"Women in their 50s and late 50s want to date me and you know that’s not going to happen. I’ll go out on a coffee date but not a hook up — I’m just not attracted," he said.

"I’ve had women call me telling me they’re like 40 years old and I set up the date and they’re senior citizens. That’s happened a couple of times and that’s uncool."

So what sort of girls is he going for then? Here are just two of his supposed dates, both quite different by the look of their photos...

And he has a message for all the girls who wouldn't sleep with him back in high school:

Perino, who is now planning on turning his story into a documentary or reality show, said that since news of the flyers took off, women are intimidated by him.

"A lot of girls get nervous around me on a date because of the celebrity thing. They’ll read all the articles on me on Google … They’re just scared, they’re not used to it I guess. I walk down the street and get stopped 10 or 15 times a day for my picture."


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