Posted: 16 March, 2015

Perth Mother Posts Gumtree Ad To Find Her Son’s Dad!

Bianca Fazey just wants her son Logan to know his dad – and has taken some unconventional efforts in her desperate search to find the mystery man.



The 25-year-old made headlines last year when she posted on Gumtree hunting for the father of her baby – and now her story has gone worldwide. 

Bianca had a one-night-stand in Perth last year and despite being told she was unlikely to ever conceive when she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, later discovered she was pregnant.

She’s now searching for her two-month-old son’s father – a man called Jeremy described as being “5”7ish, aged in his 20s with brown hair and brown eyes’. 

In a desperate act to find the man, after five months of unsuccessful searching, she even posted a classified ad on Gumtree, but was only met wit abuse and vitriol. 

"I was at my wits end,' she told the Daily Mail in December.  "I tried finding him for months and felt pressured by a friend who was adamant I don't give up despite exhausting all avenues.”

Many responses were abusive and hateful - some went to the lengths of suggesting she should have had a termination and others called her a bad mother.

Her story has now hit international headlines - with many UK publications picking up her story. 

Two months ago, baby Logan was born and despite a shaky beginning - doctors had to work for 30 minutes to resuscitate him - he’s now a healthy little boy.

Bianca revealed to local media she was still searching for Logan's dad - telling the West Australian he was growing up to look like his dad. 

"I looked at Logan the other day and thought, 'You look like him'," 

Here's hoping the new interested in her story will help her get the outcome she's looking for. 

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