Posted: 16 March, 2015 by Web Girl Sarah

Revealed: The Real Reason Guys Don't Talk To You On Tinder

It's not that he's not interested...

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Ever wondered why you’ve got hundreds of Tinder matches but only a handful of guys message you?


Apparently Aussie men are just shy!

Dating expert Damien Diecke, who has met thousands of men through his dating school, Sydney School of Attraction, says Australian men are not natural daters or comfortable ‘hanging out’ with women.

“Most of the guys are usually successful professionally and have plenty of desirable attributes, but they let themselves down because they are clueless about striking up a conversation with a woman; often they don’t realise what they’ve got going for themselves,” Diecke says

He said men need to remember that it’s not about getting a phone number of a date, but just having nice interaction and the ‘journey’.

His school, which teaches men to be confident at striking up conversations and asking women out on dates is geared towards to building confidence and resilience in the dating game.

“ Sure the men get knock-backs and sometimes it’s a little awkward, but that’s life. Suck it in and move on,” he said. 

So that’s why he’s not messaging you – it’s not that he doesn’t like you! He’s just shy! Bless! 

Tags: Dating, Men, Tinder

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