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This 6 Year Old Was Bullied At School And the Outcome Will Surprise You!

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The interwebz isn’t always such a friendly place – which makes this story all the more incredible!



A couple of days ago a photo of a young boy named Hunter Cmelo sitting alone during lunch surfaced online and broke the collective hearts of all that saw it.

The worst thing about the image is that Hunter’s exclusion was part of a public punishment handed down by the school. And it was all for being a little late!

According to the young boy’s mother Nicole, his lateness wasn’t even his fault!

KDRV reported, “Sometimes Hunter isn’t ready, but most often the tardiness is not his fault. Nicole suffers from osteoporosis, which makes it painful and difficult for her to function, especially in the morning.”

Their family car was also acting up making it even harder for the family to get around.

But thankfully for all the nastiness out in the web world, there is also some kindness.

A number of people were inspired by Hunter’s story – and pitched in to replace the families run down car with a 2001 Chrysler van, while other businesses pitched in to upgrade the vehicle.

An overwhelmed Nicole told ABC News, “We were so shocked, it doesn’t seem real. I’m trying to tell Hunter that this doesn’t just happen to you.”

The family never expected the kindness they received – only hoping that by speaking out about their son’s situation it would force the school to change how they handle late students.

After the story went viral the school announced that they would be revising their actions – so really it is a win all round!

Tags: Scoopla, Bully, Boy, School, Hunter Cmelo, Car, Surprise

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