Posted: 20 February, 2015 by Web Guy Josh

This Guy Found An Old Pic Of His Girlfriend... But That's Not All He Discovered!

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Looking back at old family photos is always fun but as this guy found out, sometimes you uncover a gem that changes everything!

While at his girlfriend's house, he stumbled across a hilarious old school photo of her looking like, as he described her, an "imp."

Sharing his story on imgur recently, he said the little blonde boy sitting next to her suddenly looked very familiar.

And then the penny dropped... it was him!

The young man was so shocked by his discovery that he had to call his mum to see if she could help him figure it all out.

It turns out that, despite living a few cities apart, he and his girlfriend had in fact gone to the same preschool together when they were about three-years-old.

And here's the adorable couple all grown up, about 16 years later...

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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Photos, Girlfriend, Boyfriend

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