Posted: 8 March, 2015 by Web Girl Sarah

This Man Was Made Fun Of For Dancing - But What Happened Afterwards Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

For those of us who have two left feet – this story will strike a chord.


A 4Chan user took a photo of this guy having a dance, had a laugh, and decided to take a photo… when the guy saw it happening he stopped and looked totally downtrodden.

Not cool, right?

The pics were spotted by Twitter user Cassandra Fairbanks and she jumped into action! She started the hashtag #FindDancingMan and revealed she wanted to hold a party for him.

“Dancing Man, We don’t know much about you but a photo on the internet suggested that you wanted to dance and were made to feel like you shouldn’t be.

We want to see you dance freely and if you would have us, we would love to dance with you.

We are prepared to throw quite a dance party just for you, if you’ll have us.

To be clear, it’s 1727 of us. And we are all women.

If this isn’t appealing, we’re okay with taking no for an answer, but we’d like you to know – the offer stands.

May we have this dance?


An occasionally overly enthusiastic group of young women in California.”

Cassandra (it turns out) isn't just a total sweetheart, she's also a babe:

Pharrell Williams even jumped on board:

And you know what? The guy turned up!

Under the username @dancingmanfound he tweeted that he would love to join the ladies for a dance off in LA. YAY!

They also found a casual, low-key venue...

Warm, fuzzy feels people! 

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