Posted: 13 March, 2015 by Justin Hill

This Sleepy Dog Is Us EVERY Morning!

Bed is SOOOO comfy

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We get this dog.

Sometimes our bed just feels sooooooo deliciously comfortable and the thought of getting out of just not even possible.

We came across this video of Reesa The Great Dane...and, well let's just say we think he's our spirit animal

Goofy Great Dane wont get out of bed!

Did you know today, Friday 13th March is World Sleep Day? (of course it is!) and there's nothing better than a good nights sleep! (ask Reesa).

To help more Australian’s have a perfect night sleep, every night, A.H. Beard has created the 6 Week Sleep Challenge – to help Australians learn more about sleep and how to achieve it.
They've joined up with sleep expert Dr. Carmel Harrington to develop the 6 Week Sleep Challenge is a FREE health and well-being improvement program that delivers customized sleep advice based on the type of sleeper you are, similar in structure to the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation.

To check out what type of sleeper you are and how you can get involved - click here!

Tags: life, viral, dog, sleepy

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