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Waiter Gets Ultimate Tip

This will give you a reason to SMILE!

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A US waiter who goes above and beyond for his customers has had the unimaginable happen to him.

Brian Maixner has an extra spring in his step after his longtime dental issues became a problem of the past thanks to a generous customer at the Kansas diner he works at.

Brian’s boss, Timirie Shibley, says he’s a hard worker and more than deserving of this random act of kindness. “He’s one of those employees you wish you had six of,” she said.

After tearfully accepting the generous customer’s offer, Brian continued to wait on their table - of course smiling wider than ever!

Check out Brian’s new smile:

Brian says he can’t stop looking in the mirror. We don't blame him one bit!

The total bill for the dental work was around $15,000… Now that’s a tip!

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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Waiter, Brian Maixner, Good News

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