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Why You Need To Wear Yellow March 27th

It's for 5 year old Seth, who suffers from an Immune Disorder.

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5 year old Seth has made an adorable request before his next operation. He wants the world to show their support by wearing yellow on March 27th.

It’s such a simple request. 5 year old Seth Lane from Corby in Northamptonshire in the UK is asking the world to wear yellow on March 27th to show support for him before his next operation.

Seth suffers from a rare immune disorder, which means he can’t leave the safety of his hospital bed, without the fear of getting really sick and dying. Seth lives in a ‘bubble’ which shelters his fragile immune system from the outside world.

To survive he needs a bone marrow transplant. He has already had one that was unsuccessful. He is currently waiting for his second operation. In the video we see Seth holding yellow cards with a very special message to the world. He asks us to show him some love by wearing yellow on the 27th of March and tweet, instagram and facebook the pics using the hashtag #WearYellowForSeth.

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Seth’s mum Leanne never expected this video to go viral. She wanted close friends and family to participate, but has since seen the video go viral, getting worldwide attention.

When she told Seth that his video was seen all over the world he asked her if it had had more than 20 views. (SO CUTE). So far it’s in the millions.

Seth has a younger brother Hugo. He is only 5 months old and is currently the only other child Seth has contact with.

Everything was looking good for Seth. He was in school and playing with all the kids, then in October his body turned on him. His body started to attack itself after his first bone marrow transplant. He has since been in a hospital room where everything is kept incredibly clean and sterile.

His father will donate his bone marrow to Seth, in the hope that his second operation is a success, and he can leave the confines of his bubble and lead a normal life. The operation will take place as soon as doctors think Seth’s body is well enough to handle such a big operation. 

It’s expected to take place in around 6 weeks time, but Seth will remain inside his bubble for about a year after the operation, until his immune system is able to handle the outside world.

His mum says “It’s hard for him, and he is getting bored, but he never complains and he understands”.

So remember on Friday March 27th to wear something yellow and tweet, instagram and facebook your photos using #WearYeallowForSeth. His mum will compile all the images and show Seth in a big book.

Family friend Jade Ruthven has set up a GoFundMe page for Seth, she told that his family remain optimistic, despite being unsure about Seth’s future.

Seth's Message



Hospital Staff Play With Seth Inside His Bubble

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