Posted: 10 March, 2015 by Sohan Judge

Woman’s Leg Bone Snaps While Doing Leg Press

WARNING: This footage might shock some people!

Tags: Woman, fitness, work out, leg press, injury

A video has surfaced featuring a woman at a the gym, doing the leg press…. And then things go wrong very quickly.

The leg press is used for strength and resistance training, and requires the person to push weight away from themselves therefore engaging their leg muscles. 


However when this woman gave it a go, instead of keeping her knee bent to support the weight she relaxes her leg while it is extended, resulting in a bend… in the wrong direction.

A word of caution: do NOT scroll down if you don’t want to see this woman’s leg literally snap in half. 

I warned you!

















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Experts have advised those who wish to try exercises such as a leg press to undergo proper training beforehand.

Watch the full video below:

OUCH: Woman Breaks Her Leg While Doing A Leg Press! (*Warning* Graphic)

Tags: Woman, fitness, work out, leg press, injury

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