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The Real Reason Your Fridge Door Is Magnetic Will Freak You Out

Yep, that magnetic seal is there for a purpose.

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Basically every single fridge ever has a magnetic door nowadays… but it hasn’t ALWAYS been that way!

Back in the day, fridges used to have a latch opening that could be opened from the outside only. This posed a huge problem for children who would play hide-and-seek, climb inside, and couldn’t get out again.

Not to mention the rubber around the door created a seal to keep the cold air inside… so if these kids were screaming for help, no one could hear them.

So many kids actually suffocated inside the fridges, that in the 50s the USA passed a law requiring all new fridges to be openable easily from the inside.

This is when the magnetic door seal was introduced... so kids hiding inside just needed to push slightly to get out.

In the 80s, a study found that between 1960 and 1981 the amount of children between 0 and 9 years old who died from suffocation in a fridge had halved. It didn’t totally solve the problem, because old fridges with a latch door were still around… but that’s when California introduced a law that made it illegal to dispose of a latch door fridge in a place that was accessible by children.

Well… this is going to cross my mind every time I open my fridge now…

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