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Blogger Clementine Ford Slams Sunrise Over Nude Photo Comments

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Broadcaster, writer and public speaker Clementine Ford has taken aim at Channel 7's Sunrise over comments that were made regarding the leaked nude photos of hundreds of Australian women earlier this week.


South Australian police are currently investigating the case where over 400 woman, mostly from Adelaide, had their intimate photos uploaded and shared on a website in the US without their permission.


Some of the photos show very young women who may be under-age.

A police spokesperson told Mashable Australia that it's a crime for anyone to transmit or possess naked photos of a person under 17, with penalities of up to 10 years in prison.  The distribution of indecent videos or images without consent from the person in the photos is prohibited even if they are over 18 years of age.

Clementine Ford's Facebook post has so far received over 18,000 shares and 10,000 comments.


Since posting her thoughts on Facebook Clementine has received some unsavoury messages from douchebags men online who bizarrely mistook her tyrade as an offer for nudes.

She had posted screenshots of the requests on her Facebook page:

And this is how some d-bags choose to respond to a post about women's bodily autonomy and rights to privacy.

Posted by Clementine Ford on Thursday, 18 June 2015

Clementine's open letter

I have taken nude photos of myself and sent them to lovers. I've taken nude photos of myself when I'm bored. I've taken nude photos just because I have a smart phone and it's fun. None of that means I have asked for my privacy to be violated, my photos stolen and my very self made available for public humiliation and judgment. Consent is everything. 

When Channel 7's Sunrise asks 'when will women learn' instead of 'why do men continue to view women as objects they can defile and violate while the world watches and tut-tuts', they are victim blaming. They are saying it's the responsibility of victims of crime and assault to prevent it and not the responsibility of society to make such crimes intolerable and unacceptable. 

When will women learn? Learn what? That our bodies do not belong to us? That we have no right to determine who sees those bodies, touches those bodies, f***s those bodies, and shares in those bodies? Honey, we don't need to learn that. We already know the answer. We don't have those rights. We are not allowed to be the masters of ourselves, only the gatekeepers. 

F*** your bullsh*t, Sunrise. You're an antiquated, pedestrian piece of rubbish and you truck in misogyny and everyday sexism. Consent is what happens when you give permission. Theft and assault is what happens when people take it from you despite you saying no. 

I'm not normally into using nudity as a form of protest. I've kept my actual breasts out of this shot so it can be shared on FB without attracting the censorship of an organisation that's afraid of women loving their own bodies but comfortable with men ridiculing and shaming them. 

Like I said, I have taken nude photos and I have chosen who gets to see them. That doesn't make me a fool or 'asking for trouble' or somehow deserving of assault. It means that I expect they'll be kept private and treated as personal. It means that I expect to live in a world where sexual predators, revenge pornographers and misogynists aren't defended on morning television shows while their victims are demonised as having made a mistake. What do you know, it turns out that I actually think we should act as if men are better than that. 

Anyway, feel free to share this status and image. That's what consent looks like. Also, I took this photo while sitting on the toilet because that's about the amount of respect I have for Sunrise and the parade of morons who produce the whole sorry mess of it.

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