Posted: 29 August, 2015 by Julia

Epic Wedding Dance Video Features 250 Dancing Guests In One Take

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If you were thinking of making a dance video at your wedding, just stop right now. Because you will never top this one.

Robert Ly and Teresa Chan from Florida asked all 250 of their guests to help them film an epic wedding dance video in just one take.

The video opens with the guests performing to Love Is An Open Door from Frozen, and it features a huge array of songs including Anaconda, Shake It Off and Gangnam Style before finishing with the ultimate wedding song – Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.

According to the description in the YouTube video, “The secret mission (hidden within a manila envelope taped underneath the table) was to shoot a music video with all 250 guests! Guests were briefed for a quick 10 minutes and put into position before the cameras started rolling.”


It is perfection. They definitely pulled it off.


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