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There’s A New Baby Name Trend And We’re Not Sure How To Feel!

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Since 2013, 103 baby girls in England and Wales alone have been blessed(?) with a particular name I'm sure you've all heard before. 

If you haven't already guessed it... it's Khaleesi. 

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Yes, the craze seems never ending doesn't it? And now, crazed fans are pulling their innocent children into it as well! Khaleesi is not the only Game Of Thrones related name that's hit a huge spike in popularity: 244 girls have been named Arya, nine Daenerys (opposed to Khaleesi), six Sansa, four Brienne and 18 baby boys have been named Theon, 17 Tyrion, four Bran and four Sandor. 

So you could say that people are really getting into this series. Like, really. 

But GOT names aren't the only things to grow in popularity due to the series. The sale of medieval-related groceries, like offal, has risen, tourism to Ireland and Iceland (where some of Westerosi landscapes are filmed) has seriously boosted and there has also been an increase in the purchasing of direwolf-like Siberian Huskies. 

Oh, and how could I forget... Massachusetts is building a GOT inspired housing development called Winterfell. Let's hope the hygiene standards meet today's requirements. 

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