Posted: 4 September, 2015 by Uce

Actress Does The Splits On LIVE TV… With Horrible Consequences


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I'd imagine this to be the female equivalent of guys watching their mates get hit in the junk... It's painful to see, but you just can't look away! 

You know when people tell you to know your limits? THIS IS WHY! 

Italian actress Lisa Fusco put her flexibility to the test and not only attempt to do the splits, but to jump and land into the splits. 

And just in case seriously injuring yourself on live TV isn't awkward enough, the hosts of the show were left with the task of trying to help her up. 

Fa la spaccata e si rompe il femore, paura per Lisa Fusco velina di Rai 1


Anyway, on that note, have a great day! 

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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Splits, Actress, Ouch

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