Posted: 22 September, 2015 by Brittany Hughes

Can You Guess How Many Selfies Young Adults Take In A Lifetime?

New study finds the answer

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We all know getting the perfect selfie can take time, effort and fill up your camera roll, but what we didn’t know is HOW MANY young adults take in a lifetime!

Millennials are without a doubt the selfie generation and according to a new survey, they will take a whopping 25,000 photos of themselves in their lifetime.

The survey of 1,000 young adults finding 95 per cent have taken at least one selfie and spend on average 54 hours a year turning the camera on themselves.

55 per cent of participants fessed up to taking a ‘sexy selfie’ while 47 per cent said they practice facial expressions before snapping a picture.

Does this sound like you?

These numbers could be even higher for the generation behind them, after recent findings from a survey found that more parents give their children their first digital device at the age of six.

Queen of selfies Kylie Jenner has admitted to taking 500 selfies to get the right photo, saying “I only regret it if I find a better photo later.”

And when it comes to capturing yourself in the digital era, primping is key:

  • Move to a better location-- 54% 
  • Fixing your hair-- 54%
  • Checking in the mirror-- 53%
  • Trying out expressions-- 47%
  • Putting on makeup-- 42%

This may be due to the fact that 66 per cent of us primarily post these pics on social media for everyone to see…because otherwise it would be a waste of time, right?

Tags: selfies, Kylie Jenner, selfie, young adults

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