Posted: 17 September, 2015 by Julia

Engagement Photo Fails You Just Won’t Believe

Caught in the moment!

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Let’s hope these moments don’t set the tone for their future lives together!

Engagement photo shoots are all the rage these days. They don’t usually take place at the moment the proposal occurred – it’s actually becoming more and more common to hire a photographer for a full blown photo shoot at a later date.

Sometimes things don’t quite go as planned, and sometimes the photos don’t turn out the way you expected… But these couples totally rolled with it! 

This probably seemed cute in theory but that sad face is really confusing.

No one expects to get dunked by a wave!

nantucket wedding photography nantucket engagement session

Hopefully they send that topless man a wedding invite.

Really confused about what is happening in his pocket region.

This guy was just over it. What a legend.

Anyone for burgers? From that broken down sign we have a feeling this drive through is closed.

A private moment, shared with the world.

Get out of the way doggy!

Should have brought an umbrella – but the suit jacket is kind of cute.

That horse really wishes it had gotten in first.

These two have a seriously good sense of humour.

Toilets aren’t usually the best backdrop for an intimate moment.

Wait... is this another toilet photo? Are they a thing?

Props to the photographers for their work! 

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Tags: wedding, engagement, photo fails, fail

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