Posted: 22 September, 2015 by @Scoopla

Man Gets Attacked By Shark - Instagrams The Gore

Check it out here - if you dare!

A man who was brutally attacked by a shark has Instagrammed the aftermath – before he sought medical attention!

 Braxton Rocha, 27, was spearfishing when he attacked by a Tiger shark at Upolu Poiut in Kohala Hawaii on Sunday.

The shark took out a big chunk of his leg – and left some pretty gruesome wounds. Creating the perfect opportunity for an Instagram post, right?

Rocha posted video surveying the bloody damage to his Instagram account – and not surprisingly it racked up a fair number of likes before it was taken down.

Hawaii News Now reports the man was flown to North Hawaii Hospital, where he is currently recovering.

While the video has been taken down from Instagram, the DailyMail still have a copy of the video. Check it out if you dare.

Warning: Footage may upset some viewers. 

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