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Meet The Body-Positive Instagrammer Every Woman Needs To Follow

"You deserve to feel beautiful, and you deserve to know that your worth extends so far beyond superficial beauty."

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In a world where hashtags like #fitspo #absaremadeinthekitchen #lowcarb #mealprep #wedonttrainforsecondplace are #teamnorestday a posted badge of honour - 22-year-old Megan is a breath of fresh air.


Megan runs hugely successful website – a site which inspires people struggling with eating disorders and body image to seek help.

Megan describes herself as a “recovered anorexic” and “recovered self-loather” and says she is trying her best to shatter the “not good enough” mentality that so many women are taught to feel about their bodies.

Her Instagram feed – which boasts in impressive 24.6k followers – is fulled with selfies and positive messages that resonate with her audience. 

Megan has three rules for body positivity:

Change what you see

‘Take the blindfold off. Take control of what you’re seeing. Turn off the channels that only glorify one body type and close the pages that sell you whitewashed, one dimensional ideals.

Fill your social media up with a plethora of perfection. Find the plus size models and the body positive activists. Find all the wonderful bodies being embraced that our media doesn’t show us.

Every size, every skin colour, every age, every ability, every gender – there are all kinds of bodies out there that belong to people who are completely happy in them, exactly as they are.’

 Get feminist 

"Body positivity is a feminist issue," she writes.  

"They have kept us busy with obsessions over cellulite and worries about waistlines and all the while we're wasting our full potential as human beings. We are living half lives. Tied in chains of 'you can do that when you lose those last 10 pounds', and 'you can wear that when you've worked harder to look like her'. And they've kept us coming back - the diet industry wouldn't be the thriving, multibillion dollar empire that it is if diets actually worked. They rely on repeat business, and they get it, because 95% of diets fail. And in you're in that 95%, it isn't your fault. You are not weak or blame worthy. Your purpose in life is not to lose weight.

And lastly…

Make the commitment

No, not a commitment  to a low-carb, paleo, fasting, HIIT regime. A commitment to yourself and your wellbeing. A commitment to love and nurture yourself every, single, day. 

"Because it won't always be easy. There will be days when you leave the house and are immediately bombarded with conversations about losing the last few pounds and being 'naughty' eating dessert, and the lure of diet culture will rear its ugly head. And that's okay!" she writes.

"You have the strength inside you already, to keep going. Because the bottom line is that you deserve to feel good about your body. You deserve to live your life fully without the looming specter of how you look the whole time. You deserve to feel beautiful, and you deserve to know that your worth extends so far beyond superficial beauty. And once you believe that you deserve it, this will all get a whole lot easier."


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