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The Shape Of Your Butt Can Indicate A Lot About Your Health

Stay healthy!

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Booty comes in all shapes and sizes, but apparently the shape of your behind can help point out a lot about your health. 

Four of the most common shapes are the V, Square, Round and Heart

V - Common for women with lower levels of oestrogen

Square - Fat is distributed evenly up the hips, with a low amount of fat at the waist

Round - Fat is distributed almost evenly all around the butt 

Heart - Fat is distributed around the upper thighs

What Could This Mean For Your Health? 

Fat isn’t distributed equally. Apparently having a heavier backside could be a sign of good health as fatty acids are kept away from the heart and arteries, lowering the risk of illnesses like heart disease and diabetes…..for women, that is. 

For men, on the other hand, it’s a different story. Fellas with too much fat in the back are at risk of developing problems like haemorrhoids. 

Is Your Butt Saggy? 

It might be a sign of weak core muscles, affecting the arch of your back. 

Are Your Hips Heavy? 

You might be experiencing some health problems in your feet. 

Is Your Behind Of The Flat Side? 

Your glute muscles might be underdeveloped. Usually, your fat tends to store around your midsections rather than the lower bod. The bad news is that this fat is more active and dangerous and could lead to heart disease and diabetes. The good news is that it’s actually easier to lose this fat than fat stored in the lower body. 

Is Your Bottom Perky?

Good for you! You’re benefited with increased calorie burn and your perky butt helps prevent osteoporosis. This is most likely due to good muscle tone and a strong body. If you’re athletic, it pays off! 

If you’re concerned about your health or having any questions, be sure to visit your local GP and take care of yourself! 



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