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These Bros Acting Like Girls On Instagram Are Going To Make Your Whole Day

So #blessed right now.

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This is what would happen if all the guys we knew started using Instagram the way their girlfriends do.

Instagram is filled with casual photos of girls and their friends enjoying their lives. Whether they’re on vacation, shopping, eating dinner or just relaxing at home they seem to always have the perfect photo to capture the moment.

As many of us can secretly confirm, a lot of thought goes into those casual poses. The number of discarded photos on most people’s camera rolls is out of control.

And now @brosbeingbasic is here to shake things up. Because the boys featured on this account are living out our Instagram dreams one #blessed photo at a time. They have captured the spirit, mood and poses of all those “basic” Instagram shots we see so often.

There’s not much more to say about this. Instead, feast your eyes on these incredible photos. We guarantee you will recognise some of the poses from the Instagram feeds of your friends – or even your own photos. Don't be ashamed. Embrace it.

Had to pull an all-nighter last night 😏😏😏😏 and #BaeCaughtMeBookin 📕📗📘📙📚 #StudyGameStrong #MBAFlow #WhatDoesMBAStandFor? 😳 #ManBunAmazing? #TutorForHire #HookedOnFonicsAF #DerekZoolanderCenterForKidsWhoCantReadGood #WhatIsThisACenterForAnts?! 🐜🐜🐜 #JustRealizedMyBookWasUpsideDown #LOLOLOL #WhoWantsToBuyItWhenImDone? #6GrandIsASteal 💁🏼 #DaddysGotLoansToPay 💸 #BadTestTaker #BetterAtOralExams 😏😏😏 #ScantronsSchmantrons #IAlwaysStudyTopless #GoodForTheBrain #AndTheBitches 🙊 #TrapsAndTextbooks 💪🏽#PSITookThisPicWithMySelfieTimer 😔 #BaeLeftMeForAProfessor 😤 #DoesObamacareCoverStudentLoans? #90mgOfAdderallIsSafeRight? 💊💊💊💊 #BrosBeingBasic @hotdudesreading via our fave @tribblereese

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So much inspiration for our next Instagram shoot.

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