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These Creepy Abandoned Theme Parks Will Haunt Your Nightmares

So spooky!

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Amusement parks are so much fun… until they’re left to rot and decay!

All over the world are theme parks that used to be the height of cool before being abandoned almost overnight.

These are some of the creepiest…

Prypiat Amusement Park, Pyrpiat, Ukraine


This amusement park was abandoned in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster in 1985. Since then it has basically been left to rot away, and nature has slowly taken over. It has also made appearances in games like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Nara Dreamland, Nara, Japan

廃墟って最高 👣 #naradreamland #奈良ドリームランド

A Disneyland clone built in 1961, this park survived until 2006. It was literally a downmarket copy of Disney, complete with a castle and small town USA Main Street. These days the decaying attractions are popular with urban explorers, who even climb the once grand rollercoasters.

Holy Land, Connecticut, USA

Exploring🏃abandoned bible📖🙏themed amusement park. Holy Land USA, Waterbury, CT June 2015 #holylandusa #waterbury #connecticut #explore #abandoned #amusementpark #travel #roadsideamerica #holymoly #holyshit #goeverywhere

This massive biblical themed attraction was popular in the 1960s and 70s.  Instead of rollercoasters it featured replicas of catacombs and Israelite villages. It closed in 1984, and although the owner intended to renovate the park he sadly passed away two years later. 

Six Flags New Orleans, USA

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This park began life as Jazzland, before being bought out by Six Flags in 2003. They operated the park without incident until 2005, but sadly when Hurricane Katrina struck in August the park was flooded and abandoned. Despite many redevelopment proposals, some rides are still standing and the park has appeared in movies like Jurassic World and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes.

Land Of Oz, North Carolina, USA

The Road Less Traveled...#yellowbrickroad #LandofOz #NC

A Wizard Of Oz themed attraction, guests were taken on a tour through Oz where they encountered actors dressed as different characters from the book and movie. It opened in 1970, survived a fire in 1975 and closed for good in 1980. It fell into disrepair, however parts of it are now open occasionally for special events and private tours. 

Camelot, Lancashire, England

sad to see it like this, primary school trips here were the best #camelot #themepark #derelict #abandoned #castle #memories #dismalandofthenorth

What could go wrong with a park themed around King Arthur? Dwindling numbers throughout the 90s and 00s forced Camelot into receivership in 2009. Despite redevelopment plans, it was officially closed in 2012. Many rides were sold off to other parks and the remaining buildings and rides were left to rust away.

Okpo Land, Okpo-dong, South Korea

#abandonned place#OkpoLand Park-South Corea#closed in 1999 because of multiple fatal accidents. The director ran away and we never have seen him again#

This park was popular with local South Koreans for much of its run, but a series of dangerous incidents caused it to close in 1999. According to reports two children died on a “duck ride” several years apart, and after the second accident the park closed overnight. The park has supposedly now been demolished, but the photos of the creepy place live on.  


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