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Thief Writes Heartbreaking Note After Stealing A Phone

They even dropped the charges!

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Last week, the owner of a welding shop in New Jersey had his phone stolen and police released footage of the incident online….THEN the phone was found sitting by the shop’s fence along with this note -


The letter reads: 

“To whom it may concern. I’m the one who took your phone. I’m tremendously sorry. I’m in a desperate situation and this was a result. I’m desperately trying to get out of. I can’t find work and my kids are in need, I promise you that this situation will change me. I can’t leave my family, they need me. 

Please forgive me. I’m sincerely remorseful. I literally felt a rush to take it, adrenaline. I can only think of getting money in exchange. I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m not that type but a situation can lead some to do dumb things. I beg u with all my heart not to take this further. Please. I’m getting right with God again. 

I wish that there was another way to make amends with you.”  

The phone’s owner dropped the charges after receiving the note, however, police are urging the man to turn himself in, with Lt Stephen Varn stating “If he really would like to do the right thing, he should turn himself into the police” 

What do you think? Has the thief learned his lesson or should he be charged? 

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