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Think You’re Nice And Clean? WRONG! You’re Constantly Surrounded By Your Very Own Fart Cloud

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I'm sorry if you're a germophobe and reading this, but, you have a personal bubble of microbes and bacteria attached to you at all times. 

The fart bubble is made up of bacteria, yeast, cells, shredded skin, fart microbes and other cell parts that are totally unique to you. 

I bet your skin just crawled thinking about the cloud floating above and around your head right now.

Apparently, though, these gross microbiome clouds could be used for scientists and doctors to find out more about diseases, AND another way for police to identify people and track down criminals. 

James Meadow, the lead author of the study, said: 

"[The results] demonstrate for the first time that individuals release their own personalised microbial cloud... In a single centimetre of skin, you can find thousands of bacteria." 

James and his co-authors retrieved their results through experiments involving people sitting in a steralised room and filtering any particles which came off the participants when they were out of the chamber. 

The results showed that not only could they tell a person was in the room when comparing the bacteria samples to an empty room, but they were also able to distinguish each person from one another from their unique combinations of bacteria. 

So basically, if you're a detective or scientists this is super exciting news, for the rest of us this just means there are poo particles flying around our heads. ALL. THE. TIME! 

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