Posted: 27 September, 2015 by Julia

This Guy Asked His Date To Pay Him Back For A Drink In The Most Awkward Texts Ever

Sometimes you just don't mesh.

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This text exchange after a date gone wrong is going to make you cringe.

Letting someone down after a date can be pretty uncomfortable. But sometimes you just don’t mesh. That’s life. 

But one guy in London just did not get the message after his date tried to let him down nicely. He kept persisting, and persisting, and persisting.


That’s awkward enough, right? But then things got even worse. Because when he finally understood that nothing else was going to happen, he asked her to pay him back for the drink he bought!


The world was blessed with this conversation thanks to Luke Mackay, who says that the girl in question is one of his friends.

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Tags: texts, dating, romance, life

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