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This Guy Gets Paid To Go To Parties All Over The World With His Toy Badger - Legit


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Will Stevenson is living the randomest dream job nobody has ever thought of - people pay for him to attend their parties with his toy badger named Seth.

In just three months, Will has attended 16 bucks nights, 2 birthday parties and 1 hens night. Along with his badger Seth, he has flown all over Europe and befriended 256 strangers. 

It all started when Will bid on a spot at a bucks night on eBay after a guest had cancelled. Winning the bid, Will found himself in Budapest just days later partying it up! 

He then later appeared on a UK radio show to talk about the spontaneous trip, before invites flooded in from all around Europe. 

Most of the stag dos (Bucks Nights) are paid for by the group that invite me as generally someone has dropped out last minute and already paid. So I basically just pay for transferring the booking to my name and then share a room with someone. I do spend a fortune on alcohol, though.”

His badger Seth, who now even has a fan page, also came along in a super random way - 

"My email address from years ago was randomly computer generated and it came up with 'willbadger' for whatever reason and I changed this to 'willhasabadger' as it sounded funny and from there it became my Twitter name. I then won a competition with Pepsi and they asked if I would be taking my badger. So I bought one and took it to see Example and he's been coming with me to festivals and concerts ever since. He got his hashtag #seththebadger from George Ezra who tweeted it at a concert and from there the fan base has grown. My goal is to get on a celebrity stag do or get some TV work as there must be a market for a globetrotting badger"

His Twitter description states that he and #seththebadger are “last minute stag and hen do replacements” - not a bad job title at all.

Apparently the duo are headed to Australia this year. 




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