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This Guy Spent A Year Texting A Girl To Get His Sunglasses Back

That's dedication!

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That’s one way to make an impression on someone.

A guy called Alex was on a date with a girl named Anna. Alex asked Anna to look after his sunglasses, so she put them in her bag. The date wasn’t going too well, so Anna bailed early.

While the story should have ended there, unfortunately Anna mistakenly took Alex’s sunglasses with her. And never gave them back.


Alex wouldn’t stand for that, so he decided to text Anna to retrieve his sunglasses. But she never replied. So he started texting again. And again. And again. He tried photos, graphs, memes, anything to get her to return the sunglasses. And he did it for a year.




And she never replied. These are just some of his hilarious text messages asking for the sunglasses back.



And then finally, a year later, Anna replied. And asked “I’m confused. Who is this?”



Eventually she explained she had moved across the country and the sunglasses had been lost.



Maybe he can still get them back? Hope so!

Images via PhillyAlex at Imgur 

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Tags: relationships, love, sunglasses, text messages

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