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This Is How To Tell If Someone Is Lying According To An FBI Agent

I’m going to use this for sure!

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A former FBI agent claims he can spot a lie by hearing just one word… so he’s passed on his wisdom!

LaRae Quy’s method involves listening to how someone pronounces the word ‘no’.


Apparently any of these responses suggest they’re lying, or as LaRae Quy explains it, “deceptive behaviour or trying to mislead”. 

  • Saying “no” and looking in a different direction
  • Saying “no” and close their eyes
  • Saying “no” after hesitating
  • Saying “noooooooo” and stretching it out
  • Saying “no” in a singsong manner

Obviously this isn’t 100% accurate all the time, but it’s a great start!

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