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This Man Is Recreating His Grandfather's 40 Year Old Photos And They Are Amazing

They look almost exactly the same!

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Photography used to be a delicate art form. And the way this man is using his family's treasured photographs will leave you breathless.

Limited film meant you needed to get the photo right the first time, and you wouldn’t know how the final shot looked until you developed your pictures. But this means that the photos our parents and grandparents are holding onto are usually the cream of the crop.

One man in American discovered a box of full of photos taken by his grandfather in the 1960s and 70s, and set out to recreate each shot as accurately as he could.


Christian Carollo has been sharing photos from his #PastPresentProject on Instagram, which has seen him travelling across America to recapture the same landscapes his grandfather originally shot.

Southern Pacific Depot replica in Sparks, Nevada | June 1997 & May 2015 #pastpresentproject -

A photo posted by Christian Carollo (@sayhellotoamerica) on


Christian’s grandfather passed away in 2008, but his 101-year-old grandmother wrote him a note saying, “If he knew now that his interest and love for travel and photography had just jumped one generation and you would inherit the 'wanderlust,' he would be SO happy.”


Steamboat Natchez in New Orleans, Louisiana | February 1978 & April 2014 #pastpresentproject -

A photo posted by Christian Carollo (@sayhellotoamerica) on


This is so inspirational. We can't wait to see more of his photos!

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