Posted: 4 September, 2015 by Julia

This Man Opened A Package And What Climbed Out Of The Box Will Horrify You

Worst letter ever!

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This is like something out of a horror movie. We are NEVER opening our mail again.

A man in the UK thought he was doing the right thing by opening a package addressed to his new home.

But when he opened the box a huge hairy tarantula climbed out!

It turns out the package was meant for the previous occupants of his house. In fact the parcel had been lost in the mail for around three weeks.

Instead of immediately throwing the tarantula outside and screaming for several hours like we would have done, the man took the spider to his local vet.

The Highcroft Veterinary Group found that the spider was very unwell after being wrapped up in mouldy tissue for three weeks and showed signs of dehydration. The spider is now hanging out at the North Somerset Reptile Rescue. It has even been given a name – Sid.

Meet the newest member of the rescue. This Lasiodora parahybana was brought to me at work by a member of the public who...

Posted by North Somerset Reptile Rescue on Thursday, 6 August 2015

For reference, this type of spider is a Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater, and it is the world’s third largest spider.


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