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This Pregnant Girl Is Searching For Her Australian Baby Daddy

Is this a little bit fishy?

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26-year-old Natalie Amyot from Paris is pleading with the public to help her find the father of her child. But is the whole thing a hoax? The internet seems to think so.


Yep, it's a hoax.

A business on the Sunshine Coast has claimed responsibility for the online video.


Natalie has shared the below video, where she explains she was holidaying in Mooloolaba in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast when she spent an amazing night with a cute guy. But when she returned to Paris, she lost her phone with his phone number… only to find out she was pregnant.

Natalie - Please help me find him x

People of the internet seem to think this is a hoax and find it suspicious that Natalie has no family of her own. While some people have been extremely supportive, others are trying to decipher what’s really going on.

Firstly, Natalie's Facebook account was only created two days prior to her first post – and not many of her Facebook friends live in France. 

There is an Instagram account @alizeee_m which seems to have lots of pics of Natalie – except with a different name… and it’s since been turned to private.

Could this all be an ad campaign for Mooloolaba? In the video, Natalie says she had an “amazing” time and met some “amazing” people.

If this is true, we hope that Natalie finds her Aussie baby daddy!

Natalie Amyot - i have to go to bed..ihave people that are... | Facebook

Natalie Amyot - ok so many friends and help here i go to... | Facebook


What do you think?

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