Posted: 22 September, 2015 by Moose

This Rat Attempting To Take Home A Slice Of Pizza Will Leave You Impressed!

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As humans, our natural reaction to seeing a rat with a slice of pizza sends shivers down the spine but not this time! Thumbs up for effort, little guy!  

I've never found myself rooting for a rat before... but this guy is doing such a great job of lugging the pizza down the stairs, that I can't help but hope he gets it home to his little rat family.

New York City rat taking pizza home on the subway

Even the rat knew that pizza is worth relentlessly dragging home... I mean, if you found a slice of pizza three times your body size, you wouldn't just leave it, would you? 

Unfortunately, we don't get to see whether or not he actually gets the pizza home to his loving rat family... but one can hope! 

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