Posted: 24 September, 2015 by @SohanJudge

This Woman Got The Ultimate Revenge On Her Cheating Husband

Revenge is sweet.

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A woman discovered her husband was cheating, so she humiliated him in front of thousands of people!

Lisa had enough of Paul’s ways so she hired out  15ft x 10ft billboard on a busy highway in the UK … during rush hour!

The revenge note went up at 11pm on Tuesday night. 

The billboard was displayed on a major route into the city, and Mark Catterall from the advertising agency said that Lisa paid hundreds of dollars for the space.

He said "It is the most recognised billboard location in the city, so I wouldn’t like to be the partner scorned by this.

"I think there will be a few calls made this morning to a few Lisas and Pauls."

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Tags: cheating, wife, husband, couple

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