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This Woman Was Sacked 30 Minutes Into Her New Job… But Why?

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This woman received a job offer after a phone interview only to be fired shortly after. So, what went wrong? 

Claire Shepherd, from Swansea, scored her dream job with company Dee Set after an interview conducted over the phone. 

On her first day, Claire was quickly turned around and asked to leave, after her boss discovered that she had a visible tattoo on her hand. Her employer believed the tattoo would "cause offence" and was fired on the spot. 

As soon as Claire received the news, she took to Facebook to vent her frustration. Before long, her rant had gone viral. It has now had over 2,000 shares. 

After the rant went viral, Dee Set were quick to offer her the job back, that she then rejected. Which is TOTALLY justified. You wouldn't want to be working in an environment where people think you're offending everyone in your path.

"They saw my tattoo and saw it was not offensive. But I feel if I hadn't gone viral they wouldn't have offered me the job back. We are all individuals and someone's skin shouldn't affect their employment. I'm glad they saw their mistake and corrected it though, that's a step forward. In my opinion, tattoos do not affect your performance or ability to do a job and do not pose a health and safety risk or cause any harm. It is literally just some colour or a picture on your skin," Claire told Femail. 

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