Posted: 24 September, 2015 by Julia

What Is Going On In This Ghost Video? Is It Real Or Fake?

Super scary or just super staged?

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This could be the most terrifying ghost video you’ve ever seen.

Or it could just have you questioning what special effects they used to create it.

A woman in Ireland has shared a very scary video of the ghostly behaviour occurring in her home. It includes loud noises, cupboards swinging open and a bucket getting pushed violently across the floor.

She posted the video on Facebook with the caption, “Its getting way worse I defo have to move house.”

most haunted house ireland

But it all just seems a little too perfect… and the Conrad Sewell and Kygo song playing in the background is completely throwing us off.

What do you think? Real ghost, or staged ghost?


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Tags: ghost, horror, supernatural, scary

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