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What This Guy Did For A Kind Homeless Man Will Make You Smile

The kindness of strangers

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A homeless man with a dog just wanted to make sure everyone else enjoyed their bus ride.

Whenever someone got on the bus who looked like they needed a seat, the man was quick to give up his seat. Both a lady with a pram and an elderly man benefitted from his kindness.

But when the homeless man asked the bus driver to exchange some coins for a note, he was turned down.

The encounter has been documented by Michael Evans from Liverpool, who exchanged some money with the man and later wrote a Facebook post about the incident. Michael went and withdrew extra money for the man, whose name was Mark, to make sure he'd have a safe place to stay.


“I gave Mark the money because I felt like he deserved it – no matter how hard his day was he wasn’t taking it out on anyone, he was being a very nice gentleman,” Michael said.

“The bus driver didn’t go out of his way to be mean and he wasn’t nasty or aggressive. However, I don’t believe he showed any empathy or sympathy to Mark.

"He wasn’t asking for donations, he simply requested the driver change his money so it would be easier for him through the night."

This is a lesson to be kinder to one another, no matter how small the gesture is. You never know when something you do will be appreciated.


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