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Forget ‘On Fleek’ These Are The Phrases The Cool Kids Will Be Saying In 2016

...Believe us, no one is going to make 'fetch' happen.

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Say goodbye to the words you’ve loved to hate, because there’s some new slang in town.

If you were a big fan of firing out the F word in 2015 (you guess it – ‘fleek’), or were the one to cringe every time you heard ‘squad’ tossed about, then you’re in luck this year.

2016 has already started to give birth to some snazzy new sayings that will be slipping from your lips in no time, saving you from the monotonous repetition of out-dated 2015 lingo.

Cue the excitement. 



We’re not trying to make you feel old, but seriously, who wants to be the only one in the room still calling your better half ‘bae’? Not us.

Luckily, we’re here to save you from the embarrassment and shed light on the New Year’s new lingo.


10. Lit

Definition: Something totally, unbelievably amazing.

IRL Example:

Your friend says: “Did you catch Taylor Swift’s Sydney concert?”

You say: “Yeah! It was so lit.”


9. Trash

Definition: An object or person that is basically garbage, awful, or ready to be kicked to the curb.

IRL Example:

*You’re running late for work and the 607x bus decides to skip your stop*

You (sigh, turn to your friend and) say: The 607x bus is trash.


8. Cancel(led)

Definition: To reject any place, person or thing.

IRL Example:

Your friend says: “Do you reckon I should give Zayn a chance? He did say sorry…”

You say: “CANCEL”.


7. Drag

Definition: To ‘drag’ someone through smoking hot coals and burn them – metaphorically, of course!

IRL Example:

Your friend says: “(Insert name here) borrowed fifty bucks from me a month ago and still hasn’t given it back.”

You say: “Drag (Insert name here) to the ground!”


6. Fam

Definition: The new singular alternative to ‘squad’ – short for ‘family’, but targeted at only one person (because one person can definitely be as important as a whole family).

IRL Example:

Your friend says: “Are you free this Saturday?”

You say: “Idk fam, but we should defs do something”.


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5. Woke

Definition: To be aware of current events and world issues.

IRL Example:

Someone says: “Women and men are equal, and feminists just think women are better than everyone.”

You say: “Uh, have you even listened to Emma Watson’s UN speech? Feminism is equality. Stay woke, man.”


4. Keep it

Definition: Firmly approving of someone or something.

IRL Example:

You say: “What do you think of my new Insta pic?”

Your friend says: “Keep it.”


3. Low-key/High-key

Definitions: Anything that needs to be said out loud is high-key. The opposite is low-key.

IRL Example:

 “High-key don’t want to go back to work this week. Or ever.”


“I’m low-key crushing on him…”


2. Live

Definition: Something that’s awesome/fun/exciting, or intense/extreme.

IRL Example:

“How live was the surf?!”


“My teacher was too live in class, today.”


1. Savage

Definition: (No, not the DJ). Anything that is hella badass and hard-core.

IRL Example:

Your friend says: “I watched an entire GOT season, yesterday.”

You say: “That’s just savage.”


So, what do you all think of the new lingo? Is it way too live for you savage folks, or are these words high-key?

We say: Keep it and stay woke, fam. 


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