Posted: 27 January, 2016 by Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

FYI: Google Earth Has Hidden Top Secret Sites From Us

...real life X-files...

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If you thought Google Earth allowed you to be a super spy, think again…

When we all first heard about Google Earth, we were buzzing with excitement and instantly jumped on to see what our house looked like, the places we want to travel, and what our crushes house was like so we could scope out a way to peer in their window and be a spy for one night…


We’re joking about the last one, but we’re certain there is some poor soul out there who did that.

There were others of us who would have tried to find Area 51 and failed., but it turns out that Google Earth might be hiding these top-secret places from us, like we suspected…

According to, there have been reports of areas that have been blacked out or pixelated in certain parts of the world, which has us wondering what exactly they’ve got to hide!


Could it be a top-secret alien facility? A dangerous weapons factory? Or some nightmarish hell where they steal and store our childhood dreams?...No, not that last one – that’s what happens when we realize we actually need money to live and can’t just pursue our dream of becoming an alien hunter…

If you’re as curious as we are, then here are some of those hidden places that the Google machine wants us to steer clear of!


Kangtega, Nepal


Also known as The Snow Saddle, this Himalayan mountain has been completely blacked out….Google told us it was a system glitch, but we know better….


Százhalombatta Oil Refinery, Hungary


Why did this Oil Refinery ask Google to make its image green and to remove its building and surroundings removed from Google Earth?


The Faroe Islands, Denmark


This place is home to 50,000 people, yet most of the Island has been pixelated….It’s claimed  to just be due to fishing rights, but who are we really going to believe?


The Secret City, Russia


In the depths of the Siberian Tundra, Google Earth decided to blur out a huge section of wilderness…but why? Apparently, there are many secret cities in the country, where there are incredibly strict restrictions on residency and you need special permission to gain access.

Answer us this: what is the need for a secret city, other than the fact it could be housing terrifying research facilities or worse…


Valencia City, Philippines



Pixels love this place. Possibly because they’re drawn to top-secret defense strategies, as it’s thought to be the headquarters of the Government’s missile defense program.

We wish it was something a little cooler – like Snape’s defense against the dark arts…


The Volkel Air Base, Netherlands


Google Earth gave this site a total camo makeover, because an ex-Dutch Prime Minister claimed that the United States store twenty-two bombs there…

One is even supposed to be four times worse than those that dropped on Hiroshima… Will we ever learn that atomic bombs are the WORST IDEA EVER?!


Now that you’re partly informed on what our beloved Google could be keeping from you, let your imagination run wild with ridiculous conspiracy theories to get you through the long day ahead…


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