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These Are The 7 Downright Nastiest And Grubbiest Things You Own

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We suggest you get out your Pine O Clean and wet wipes... because there are some things you lug around that are carrying more bacteria than your year eight retainer. 

1. Bath mats

Your bath mat needs very regular cleaning. Every day, you're stepping onto this mat while you're still dripping wet. And let's be real, how many of you actually hang it up after each use? 

If you're leaving your bath mat wet overnight in your dark bathroom, you can guarantee that bacteria is spreading. 

Hang your bath mat up after you're done with the bathroom and don't avoid washing them until they're visibly disgusting. 

2. Remote controls and keyboards

How often do you guys wash your hands right before you handle your remote or go on your computer? 

Thought so. 

Also, in your home, how many people are using the remote or computer? 

Thought so. 

The most popular time to be flicking through the telly is during dinner when your hands are covered in all sorts. So, if this applies to you and your family just leave a pack of disinfectant wipes nearby and give the controller a good ol' wipe. 


3. Pillows 

This is a bit of a no-brainer. You spend approximately 8 hours of each day rolling your oily, sweaty and drooling head all over your pillow... 

Change your pillow cases at least once a week to keep them clean and fresh. 


4. Your toothbrush if it's anywhere near the toilet! 

Each and every time you flush the toilet, a tsunami of bacteria flies around in the air, and if your toothbrush is close... guess where it's landing...

Get yourself a cheap toothbrush cabinet or pop them in the drawer to avoid all the poopiness. 


5. Makeup brushes and beauty blenders

Both of these items soak up bacteria like nobody's business... and just like the toothbrush, if you're keeping them out in the open in your bathroom, they're getting covered in particles from your toilet. 

And you're wiping it all over your face. 

Once every couple of weeks, swirl your brushes around in a bowl of warm water and soap and watch all the foundation run out. 


6. Gym mats 

If you're not wiping down your gym or yoga mats regularly, you should probably burn your old one, buy a new one and keep the new one clean. 

A cheap, easy way to clean your mat: add a couple drops of washing liquid to water in a spray bottle. Give it a good spritz about once a week. 


7. Mobile phones 

You're on them all day, you press them against your face, you plop them down any old where... it's really no surprise that your phones are riddled with bacteria. 

An easy solution to this is to just give them a quick wipe down with a disinfectant wipe, but be sure not to get any liquid anywhere that could damage the phone! 


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