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Here’s Another Adorbs Wedding Proposal To Make Us Go Awwww

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This guy sneakily proposed to his girlfriend through photos taken over months. 

Wedding proposal videos have been shoved in our face for years now through the internet, and whether you’re over it or not, there’s no denying these guys put in a whole lot of work in an attempt to get their lady to say yes.  

The latest video comes from Ray Smith, a bloke who took photos with his pregnant girlfriend over several months, whilst unbeknownst to her, he was actually holding a “Will You Marry Me” sign in all of the pics.

Apparently, Ray told his girlfriend he was taking heaps of photos as a way to document her pregnancy. He had to take several photos each time without the sign, just in case she wanted to see the photo back.

Take a look at the soppily cute proposal video below - 

My unusual 148 day wedding proposal to claire full



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Tags: scoopla, life, video

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