Posted: 6 January, 2016 by Sarah Bol

Here's How Your Popularity In School Can Predict Your Future

It matters more than you think...

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Remember when you were a kid and people told you it didn’t matter how popular you were in school? It turns out that’s not quite true.

Research has revealed there are pretty solid connections between how we interacted with our peers in childhood and how we relate to people as adults.

Basically- if you were well-liked in primary school and had a big group of friends you’ll probably have similar experiences as an adult. 

Wait what? Researchers have identified five different groups of children who tend to grow up to have the same experiences.

Accepted kids – the popular kids that everyone likes.

Out of any group these kids are most likely to grow into happy, balanced and social adults.

Rejected kids – those who are often disliked.

These kids are twice as likely to experience depression or anxiety as adults.

Neglected – children who are invisible to their peers.

Chances are you’ve probably shifted groups as you’ve grown up – that said researchers say there’s an increased risk of anxiety in adulthood.

Controversial kids – those who others have a love-hate relationship with.

These kids are more likely to stuggle with addiction as they get older.

And of course average kids – who tend to veer towards one of the other groups.

Of course not everyone who was controversial in school will struggle with addiction and not every accepted kid will maintain that through their lives – but scientists consistently find that our likeability as a child is a strong projector of our adult lives – and can even impact how we parent our own children!

Now that I think about it – when I was in primary school people teases me because I had ginger hair and boys I liked were mean to me – sounds wayyy too similar to my life now!

What do you think? Were you popular in school? How do you think it impacted your adulthood? Join the discussion on our Facebook page! 

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