Posted: 14 January, 2016 by @SohanJudge

If You Can’t Digest Milk, You’re Not The Weird One

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Turns out those of us who are able to drink milk are the minority… oh, and we have a genetic mutation.

Do you ever find it strange that human beings are the only species that can drink milk post childhood? 

A recent article published in PLoS Computational Biology raises some questions about whether we should really be drinking milk as adults.

As it turns out, being unable to digest lactose – the main sugar found in milk – is a lot more common than we think and affects a massive 60% of the population.

What is now known as lactase persistence (the ability to digest milk), has been found to be a genetic mutation that dates back a massive 7,500 years to dairy farmers who lived in Europe.

There you go, you wonderful weirdos! 

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Tags: milk, science, life, lactose, digest

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