Posted: 7 January, 2016 by Uce

Miss Colombia Crowned Queen Of Burgers In A Strange Turn Of Events

So, she ended up getting a crown after all...

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In a random, greasy turn of events, it looks like Miss Colombia will end up getting a crown after all... which could possibly make her more money than she ever would've as Miss Universe.

Sources have told TMZ that a big-wig rep, who also manages Sofia Vergara, has decided to scoop up the humiliated Miss Colombia and help her get some work. 

The current word is, Burger King want her to star in their next commercial where, get this, she'll be shown with kids in the party area... and everyone gets to keep their Burger King crown. 

But that's not all for Ariadna Gutierrez, another company that wants her to star in one of their commercials is Corona. The Colombian babe will be chilling on the beach holding the beer... Not sure how this relates? Well, 'Corona' is Spanish for 'Crown'. 

Oh, and apparently her new rep, Luis Balaguer, was in touch with the Victoria's Secret Angel company earlier this week... 

So, even though she was humiliated beyond belief on international TV when she was wrongly dubbed Miss Universe 2015... it may have just been the thing she needed to kick start her career. 

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