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No One Seems To Be Able To Tell The Difference Between The Real Hot Dog And The Drawn One

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This Hot Dog Drawing challenge has got everyone questioning life, as they really, really struggle to decide which hot dog is real... and which one is, in fact, a drawing. 

Artist Howard Lee has us absolutely flabbergasted with his optical illusion drawing skills... 

If any average Joe was asked to draw a hot dog and then place that drawing next to an actual hot dog, it wouldn't take a genius to figure out which one they could actually eat for lunch... and it most certainly wouldn't take the internet by storm. 

SPOILER: The edible hot dog is, in fact, the left hot dog. 

And for all you smug bastards out there who thought this challenge was easy... you have to admit, it's a damn impressive drawing. 

Here's how mind blower Howard Lee does it! 

Hot Dog Drawing Challenge

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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Food, Hot dog, Drawing

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