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There Are 6 Words Hidden In These Pics. Can You Spot Them?

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It's official: people LOVE to test their minds and try and spot sh*t on the internet. So, why don't you try these brain teasers out for size? 

Can you find the six words that are hidden in these pictures? 



1. "Read" - Dog's ear to girls ponytail 

2. "Novel" - Armchair 

3. "Book" - Man's glasses

4.  "Story" - Woman's shoulder to book 

5. "Words" - Tree 

6. "Page" - Boy 




1. "Mirror" - mirror 

2. "Straw" - broom

3. "Couch" - couch

4. "Tiles" - tiles 

5. "Cat" - cat tail 

6. "Cord" - TV power cord 



1. "Stormy" - tree

2. "Puddle" - boy's raincoat 

3. "Wet" - Purple umbrella 

4. "Showers" - Orange umbrella 

5. "Damp" - Drain 

6. "Clouds" - Bush in the background 

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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Challenge

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