Posted: 9 January, 2016 by @nicholland

This $400 shower head raised $3 million on Kickstarter - but why is it so amazing?

Even Apple CEO Tim Cook invested in it

A showerhead called Nebia has raised over $3 million on Kickstarter - and has Silicon Valley big wigs including Apple CEO Tim Cook lining up for a piece of the pie... but what makes this showerhead so revolutionary?

Well, the secret is that the showerhead dispenses mist, as opposed to usual water flow. 

Tech Insider on Twitter

This allows you to have a shower using 70% less water - and people who have been lucky enough to use it have said it "feels like stepping into a warm cloud". 


Product Hunt on Twitter

The showerhead will cost $400 - but it claims to save you hundreds on your water bill over time. It'll also reduce your energy or gas bill, as it means you'll use less hot water (it claims to be 13 times more thermally efficient).

There's plenty more science to this seemingly simple gadget - which you can check out here.

Nebia is currently sold out - but fingers crossed it'll be made available for purchase to the general public very soon!


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