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This Guy Has Been Crashing Parties Because He Looks EXACTLY Like Bradley Cooper!

Who is this?!

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Bradley Cooper’s doppelgänger has arrived and he’s causing quite a stir in Hollywood. 

Despite how the picture is labelled, this is not Bradley Cooper - 

last night chillin with Bradley at Sundance #bradleycooper #Sundance

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As PageSix has reported, the doppelgänger has apparently been crashing Hollywood parties during the Sundance Film Festival claiming that he is in fact, the Silver Linings Playbook actor. 

Most recently, he managed to talk his way into a party for the movie ‘White Girl’, though security soon caught on. Just before kicking the non-Cooper out, however, he showed them his mobile phone background image, which was a picture of The Hangover, as if this would convince them that he was the real deal. 

We’re assuming the security guards responded with a good old “yeah, nah” 

Who knows where the mysterious non-Cooper is now, we just hope he finds a Jennifer Lawrence doppelgänger and they live happily ever after. 


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