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Want A Job Building Lego Creations All Day Long?

It's an actual career.

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Are you a Lego fanatic? Did you grow up constructing gigantic Lego cities that took over your entire bedroom? Does the idea of playing with Lego right now get you a little bit excited?

Well we might have found the job for you.

Lego is currently hiring builders for their Legoland theme parks. Their task? Build Lego models of things all day long.


The job is located at Lego’s new facility in Florida, which is called the Merlin Magic Making Hub.

"It's a brand new production facility to make Lego models for Merlin attractions all around the world," model shop supervisor Ryan Wood told Fox 13. "The kind of models we make here are typically for mini-land attractions within the Legoland and Legoland Discovery Center parks." 

Here’s the job description: 

"This individual builds LEGO models in our off-site Model Shop- MMM Studios. Must have LEGO building experience and be able to design and build sturdy, accurate, complicated, safe and installable LEGO models for a wide variety of LEGOLAND attractions including miniature scale models and/or life sized organic models from prototypes, diagrams or computer generated instructions.

"This position requires strong communication during design and building of models, good organization during the completion and documentation phases of the projects and a willingness to complete all tasks necessary to creating and installing models and displays.

"Requires previous experience in LEGO model building, (architectural and/or sculptural), basic computer knowledge, a good knowledge of LEGO parts, good communication skills, ability to give and receive constructive criticism, ability to work in a team and a positive attitude. Strong focus, concentration, good craftsmanship, patience and a sense of humor are a must. Artistic education, background, or experience helpful but not required."


"This is definitely very much a dream job," says Legoland model builder Max Petrosky. "When you're a kid you play with Lego, you know? To actually make a living, actually working with Lego, it's just really incredible."

There are Legoland theme parks in California, Florida, England, Dubai, Malaysia, Denmark and Germany. So there’s still hope for your Lego career if you don’t score one of these roles!


All Lego job opportunities are advertised on their corporate website.

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