Posted: 3 January, 2016 by Julia

Watermelon Boy Is The Hero Australia Needed

Just chomping down a whole watermelon!

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A funny thing happened during the cricket yesterday. A boy eating a watermelon became Australia’s latest national hero.

If you missed it, here’s what happened. A boy was captured on TV eating an entire watermelon throughout the Big Bash. Literally dipping his head into an open watermelon and eating it whole. No one could understand how this was possible.


Social media immediately exploded with admiration for this little legend.


And now he’s done his first interview. And it is priceless.

His name is Mitchell Schibeci, and he actually is not an experienced whole watermelon eater 

“I just started last night,” he explained to the hosts of Today. 

His motivation was simple. 

“Because I’ve seen people do weird stuff and they got on the big screen,” Mitchell said, adding that eating the skin was “not that tough” and that he didn't hurt his teeth.

Mitchell also brought the watermelon along with him. Check out the full interview below. He is a national treasure.


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